Fallon Aidoo PhD '17

Fallon splits her engagement in Alumni Council affairs between the Ambassadorship Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. With the latter, she helped the GSD’s Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion and Belonging develop and launch the Racial Equity Fund. She also facilitates involvement of GSD alumni throughout the Gulf South in Alumni Council and GSD initiatives, programming, and curricula, e.g. Design Impact, and Design Critics. 

Within academia, as a public official and through nonprofit consulting, Fallon analyzes hazards to heritage and adapts heritage to hazards. Her work in front-line communities threatened by climate change revolves around rehabilitation, revitalization, and recovery of real estate disproportionately impacted chronically and acutely by deterioration, disinvestment and disasters, especially structures and streetscapes of historically, economically, and culturally significant to Black, Indigenous and immigrant populations on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts. She also informs how we preserve and protect through community and public service, lending expertise to nonprofits such as the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard and public authorities such as New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, the Louisiana Governor’s Climate Initiative Task Force, and the national Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. For more than two decades she has worked to diversify built environment professions and address inequities of their practices, pipelines, and pedagogies from within professional organizations (such as the American Institute of Architects, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, and Dark Matter University) and educational institutions where she has been on the faculty, including the GSD (where she co-organized Black in Design and taught from 2008-2012). Currently, she teaches urban design and planning as an Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Historic Preservation at Tulane University’s School of Architecture. 

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