Mark W. Johnson MLAUD '82

Mark Johnson founded Civitas in 1984 and is a recognized thought leader in the regeneration of the inner city, Brownfield and industrial areas. Foremost among these is his leadership of planning and design for regeneration of Denver’s Stapleton International Airport, since 1988; and recently the Rivers District Master Plan in Calgary.

Mark is known for the design of complex urban redevelopment projects, each involving green infrastructure as a catalyst to economic, environmental and social change. He is currently working with the New York Restoration Project and the Columbia University School of Public Health Research on an evidence-based plan for greening the South Bronx.

Mark is also a prominent designer of public space, recently completing the North Embarcadero in downtown San Diego; St. Patrick’s Island in Calgary; Plaza One in Greenville, SC; and Riverfront Park in Tampa, He has received many awards for planning, design, and service. In 2016 Curbed magazine named his Larimer Square project as “One of the 11 best streets in America” and the Canadian Institute of Planners named his St. Patrick’s Island project “Greatest Public Space 2016” in Canada.

Mark is a frequent lecturer at universities; a regular speaker on the role of design to improve public health; with the International Academy of Design and Health; Board Member of the Van Alen Institute and Co-Chair of the Van Alen Climate Council.