Gil Prado AMDP '14

Gil has been consistently involvement with the GSD in various roles: as a member the GSD Alumni Council where he serves on the Ambassador Committee, as a member of the Harvard University Alumni Real Estate Board, and as a member of the Josep Lluís Sert Council since 2015.  

Gil is an accomplished and award-winning professional and civic leader with expertise in several interrelated fields including real estate, urban planning, historic preservation, sustainability, design, infrastructure, community and economic development. He has worked as an entrepreneur and held positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 
Gil draws on his unique multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral experience, local knowledge, and national/international perspective to holistically approach and successfully execute challenging, high-profile real estate and urban redevelopment projects that are a win-win for business, community, environment, and government. Gil is involved in several community and professional organizations including ULI (Urban Land Institute), American Planning Association/American Institute of Certified Planners (APA/AICP), and founder of Open House Atlanta, a non-profit dedicated to showcasing the built environment.  

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