Euneika Rogers-Sipp LF '16

Euneika’s leadership within the Alumni Council involves strengthening equity diversity and inclusion efforts through the support of the EDI Committee and through engagement with students by developing regional, on-the-ground projects in which students can apply a variety of design skills. The committee offers one-on-one mentoring and portfolio and thesis reviews as well as courses rooted in social design of our region.  

Euneika is a creative researcher at the Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates. Working at the intersection of conceptual and material practice, she develops projects that deal with the natural environment’s role in culture, examining the significance of mainstream industrial production in developed countries and local production in developing countries. Her current work explores the social and philosophical dimensions of reparation ecology, the curious intersections of the humane and inhumane, and art as a means of engagement, education, critique, and healing. She is interested in co-designing global curricula and workshops that address ecological crises. 

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