Gandong Cai MLA ’17 has won the first prize of the NE[O]ASIS Design Idea Challenge organized by Dubai EXPO, UN-Habitat, Ingenious Women Initiatives, and other academic institutes. After two rounds of judging, Cai and partner Mingjie Cai were selected out of 140 international teams to be the first prize winners, with their proposal PALM-OASIS: Reimagining A More-than-human Dubai Waterfront.

NE[O]ASIS is a design idea challenge directed towards combatting desertification through sustainable urban and architectural development. The challenge aims to contribute urban/architectural/landscape solutions for the self-resilience of climatically challenged regions in deserts and drylands and encourages participants to contribute with ingenious design ideas to new interpretations of traditional oasis systems. The challenge sites are set in locations across Australia, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. A video detailing the project can be found here.

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