Gary Jay Paul MArch ’83 invites GSD alumni to join in on an amazing week in the Veneto where a small group will view first-hand the work of Andrea Palladio, visiting the villas with private tours (and meals in several of the villas) by the villa owners, a day in Vicenza starting at the Palladian Museum with the Museum director Guido Beltramini. Professor Beltrami will also conduct a day tour of the Palladian Churches of Venice ending with a boat ride through the Venetian Lagoon to the Villa Malcontenta. The tour includes visits to the Palazzo Te in Mantua by Guilo Romano, the Villa Nani with its Tiepolo frescos, and the Brioni cemetery by architect Carlo Scarpa. Great hotels and amazing food and wine are all included! Organized in conjunction with Elaine Hirschl Ellis of Anyone interested in the trip should contact Gary via email at [email protected] for more details and pricing.

March 2014