IABSE Future of Design NYC recently interviewed Gregory Haley MAUD ’98 as part of its 2019 Symposium, Design for the People. The Q+A was part of a series asking select designers, writers, architects, and engineers to reflect on the symposium’s 2019 theme. Haley, an Associate Principal in Urban Design at Grimshaw Architects, was interviewed with his colleague Juan Porral.

“I think for me, I would come at it with an urban design perspective,” said Haley of what the theme “design for the people” means to him. “For me, what that brings to mind immediately is public interaction. It’s about convening, design that creates opportunities for people to interact. I think that’s what cities are about, but it has to have some flexibility and choice. You can’t force that — you just have to provide those opportunities and allow people to tune their environment, to interact when they want to and in different ways and at different scales. It needs to be accessible, flexible, and comfortable.”

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Image courtesy of FOD NYC.