Iván Pérez-Rosselló MArch II ’05,  as Senior Designer of Entos Design, received a 2019 AIA Dallas Chapter Unbuilt Design Award for the project named Second Shadow. Entos Design is a leading Architectural and Interiors design firm in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  

Second Shadow revitalizes the entrance of a corporate building, seamlessly integrating an elegant glass triangle assembly into the existing cut wedge entry. The new design invests the entrance with a strong identity that builds upon natural elements and emphasizes the dynamic interplay between light and shadow. The distinctive shadow cast by the triangle assembly draws attention to the passage of time by using the physical space to accentuate change throughout the day.  

Located by Katy Trail, the entry is passed by numerous pedestrians in addition to everyone working in the building. The deceptively simple design is a minimally invasive renovation that capitalizes upon the existing space for the maximum impact. The project has the potential to be a trailblazer for transforming the local area into a point of interest in Dallas.