A talk by Samantha Harris MLA ’99, part of Cal Poly Pomona’s On Site lecture series, was recently featured on The Landscape Architecture Podcast. Delivered on September 26, 2018, the lecture focused on plant blindness and landscape in the age of Instagram. She begins her talk looking back on an assignment from one of her first classes at the GSD that asked students, what makes a garden? The Cal Poly Pomona lecture series features female speakers reflecting on issues, questions, and opportunities pertaining to ‘site.’

Harris is currently the Director of Culture Horticulture, a “a lab for artists, landscape designers, gardeners and other urban biophiliacs whose work explores the intertwined experience at the intersection of Culture (community/art/society/economics) and Horticulture (plants/gardens/environmental) issues and focuses on the consideration of beauty in the evolution of urban wildness and resilience in the post-wild anthropocene world.” She previously worked at Rios Clementi Hale Studios (RCHS) as a licensed Landscape Architect and Principal. 

Listen to Harris on The Landscape Architecture Podcast website or wherever you get your podcasts.