Artist and design researcher Sara Hendren MDes ’13 is one of 13 Logan Non-Fiction fellows at the Carey Institute for Global Good this spring. The program supports deeply reported independent journalism with the overall goal of advancing democracy. Hendren’s work explores the unexpected places where disability meets design and the importance of an inclusively designed future. She is writing a book on the subject to be published by Riverhead Books.

“Spending time among other fellows who are tackling a wide range of urgent socio-political topics is thrilling. I’m so grateful to be in conversation with the Carey Institute community on both the conceptual and practical matters of publishing my first book. And the uninterrupted time away to work is indispensable!” Hendren told Olin College news of the fellowship.

Additionally, Hendren has work in three exhibition this year: “Access+Ability” at the Cooper Hewitt (on view through September 3, 2018); “Manifesto: A Moderate Proposal” at Pitzer College (on view through March 29, 2018); and the upcoming “The Future Starts Here” at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (on view May 12 through November 4, 2018).

She previously received a 2017 Public Scholar grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and was a 2018 New America National Fellow at the think tank New America (learn more). Hendren serves as a designer- and researcher-in-residence at Olin College of Engineering.

Image: “Accessible icon,” 2009–11, designed by Brian Glenney, Sara Hendren, and Tim Ferguson-Sauder. Client: Accessible Icon Project. Part of the Cooper Hewitt’s “Access+Ability” exhibition.