Wendy W Fok DDes ’17, founder and creative director of WE-DESIGNS, LLC., was the design lead for the Hong Kong Pavilion at this year’s London Design Biennale. Entitled “Sensorial Estates,” the exhibition explores the emotional link between smell and memory, looking at aroma’s ability to bring one back to a particular time and place. Through “scratch and sniff” wallpapers and and other scent experiences, visitors encounter smells famous to Hong Kong, such as egg tarts, opium and roast duck, alongside visual representations of the region. The theme of the 2018 Biennale was ‘Emotional States.’

“These distinctive smells and tactile shapes remain the most instinctual way I continuously experience and develop the nostalgia and memories of my Hong Kong identity, even from the other side of the world. And, I would like to use this installation to share that experience with the public,” says Fok.

“Sensorial Estates” was featured on BBC London.

View a demo of the room and check out the installation process.

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180903 - Hong Kong Pavilion - WE-DESIGNS 02