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Lauren McClellan MArch ‘16 Launches Threshold Office

Lauren McClellan MArch ‘16 has recently launched Threshold Office, an architecture practice based in Brooklyn, NY. Threshold Office offers full-scope architecture services from pre-design through to construction administration. Current projects include a Brooklyn brownstone, a house in Sweden a house in Toronto, and some commercial renovation projects in Canada.

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posted April, 2023

Several Alumni Collaborate on newly published “Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems”

“Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems” edited by Hannes Zander MLA ’15, Shelagh McCartney DDes ’12, MDes ’07, Samantha Solano MLA ’16, and Sonja Vangjeli MLA ’16 has recently published by Applied Research & Design. The book promotes a landscape approach to understand and address complex interdependent issues of environmental change, ecological degradation, and socio-cultural inequalities. Through a variety of landscape-informed narratives, it aims to provide strategies which can help envision futures that are socially and environmentally just and sustainable.

“Landscape Approach” is the second book publication by the International Landscape Collaborative which formed at the GSD in 2016, a group of emerging scholars and practitioners who are interested in questions related to landscape and territory. The book features twenty-three essays from different geographic contexts across six continents, many of them written by GSD alums, and with a foreword by GSD Visiting Professor in Landscape Architecture Nina-Marie Lister.

posted April, 2023

Daniel Toole MAUD ’16 Launches Daniel Toole Architecture and Featured in the New York Times

Daniel Toole MAUD ’16 recently began his own practice, Daniel Toole Architecture, with projects in Portland, Seattle, and Miami. His first house project was recently published by the New York Times. His practice is currently working on single family residences throughout the region’s urban and natural landscapes, and multiple mixed use and multifamily buildings in the Pacific Northwest, with a pair of alley renovations continuing to evolve in the Miami Design District.

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posted January, 2023

Leif Estrada MDes ’16 & MLA ’16 Promoted to Associate at Kuth Ranieri Architects

Leif Estrada MDesS ’16 & MLA ’16, ASLA, Assoc. AIA has been promoted to Associate at Kuth Ranieri Architects in San Francisco. He joined Kuth Ranieri in 2016 and is the project manager for two projects at UC Berkeley as well as for two residential projects in Marin County. At Kuth Ranieri, he has worked on landscape and urban design-related projects including sonoGROTTO, the Shishan Park Pavilions and Rollercoaster Aviary, and the Harvey Milk Memorial Plaza competition entry to name a few. He is an artist, designer and researcher in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and technology.

He received his Master of Design Studies and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he was the second inaugural recipient of the joint degree. His Bachelor of Architecture degree from the California College of the Arts.

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posted January, 2023

“Out of Architecture: The Value of Architects Beyond Traditional Practice” by Erin Pellegrino MArch ’16 and Jake Rudin MDes ’16, published by Routledge

Erin Pellegrino MArch II ’16 and Jake Rudin MDes ’16 have co-authored book “Out of Architecture: The Value of Architects Beyond Traditional Practice” and it was recently published by Routledge. The book follows their successful career consulting firm of the same name which supports architecturally-educated designers and thinkers find careers that inspire and fulfill them. The book, which depicts narratives of falling in love with design and of their clients who have used their architecture skills to transition into other professions, has been featured in ArchDaily, the Business of Architecture Podcast, and Architizer. You can find copies in both print and audiobook format here:

Available online at Out of Architecture and Amazon.

posted January, 2023

Virtual Symposium Co-Organized by Katie MacDonald MArch ’16 Hosts Presentations from GSD Alumni

Projecting Fellows, a symposium which brings together fellows from American architecture schools to explore the emergent interests of a new generation of architects and academics, launches on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Co-organized by Katie MacDonald MArch ‘16, the free, virtual, five-evening series ran on Tuesday evenings from January 5 to February 2, 2021 and included presentations by Zannah Matson MLA ‘15, Eduardo Mediero MArch ‘19, and Zahra Safaverdi MArch ’17. The events roster of moderators includes Sekou Cooke MArch ’14 and Felipe Correa MAUD ’03.

Videos of all of the symposium events can be viewed for free on demand from the Projecting Fellows website.

posted February, 2021

Ali Karimi MArch ’16, Hamed Bukhamseen MAUD ’15, Dima Rachid MLA ’15, Leah Moukarzel Contribute Installation for Amman Design Week 2019 Ras El Ain Gallery Plaza

Ali Karimi MArch '16 Hamed Bukhamseen MAUD '15 Dima Rachid MLA '15

Civil Architecture, founded by Ali Karimi MArch ’16 and Hamed Bukhamseen MAUD ’15, partnered with Studiolibani, founded by Dima Rachid MLA ’15 and Leah Moukarzel AALU ’12, to contribute an installation for Amman Design Week 2019’s Ras El Ain Gallery Plaza, under this year’s theme of ‘Possibilities’ curated by Noura Al Sayeh-Holtrop. The installation was a week-long public park occupying a 720 square meter (7750sq ft) plaza in front of the main design space titled ‘Minor Paradises’. Previous iterations of the design plaza include Watermelon Installation by MIT SA+P Dean Hashim Sarkis.

Civil Architecture and studiolibani presented ‘Minor Paradises’, a series of provocations set against the Arab paradise and against colonial notions of green. Minor Paradises questions design in a time of drought and explores the notion of paradise in one of the most water scarce regions in the world. The Arab countries of the eastern Mediterranean refer to gardens as little paradises (jnaina): bounded boxes of green- delicate curation of plants in an ordered composition. Across the Arabian peninsula, on the coast of the Gulf, they are referred to as hadayiq, from the word‚ ‘to bound or encircle‘. In this context the garden as bounded space of green was rare until the mid-20th century. Traditional courtyards were often barren – reserved for laundry, livestock and cooking. Greenery as an interior fantasy was reserved only for those who could afford the luxury of water that was spent on beauty or cultivation. Today the Gulf landscape is an inherited fantasy: the well mowed lawn, the verdant setback – notions of care or fecundity that‘re borrowed colonial fictions.

Minor Paradises revisits the traditional notion of the courtyard and the picturesque Jordanian landscape, and samples scenarios from the territorial scale re-interpreting it as a miniature landscape at human scale. Locally-sourced sands, gravel, volcanic rock, and limestone re-create the landscape and curate the visitor’s experience towards the Hangar. Mounds of earth material pushed beyond its limits (angle of repose) form artificial geometries of varying heights and sizes, concealing and revealing views of this constructed landscape. Local adapted species of extreme drought tolerance appear as clusters negotiating a new, water-less aesthetic. The garden therefore suggests alternative notions of care, maintenance and beauty.

As an exercise in managing scarcity, the construction of the one week public park was made possible through the ‘loaning’ of sand, gravel and indigenous plants from local contractors and nurseries. The benches will be donated to a nearby skate-park at the end of the Amman Design Week.

Civil Architecture is a cultural practice preoccupied with the making of buildings and books about them. The work of Civil asks what it means to produce architecture in a decidedly un-civil time, presenting a new civic character for a global condition. Since its founding by Hamed Bukhamseen and Ali Karimi, the practice has attracted a strong following for their provocative works and their offer of an alternate future for a nascent Middle East.

studiolibani is an agency of landscape architects and urban strategists, invested in alternative thinking in landscape architecture and urbanism. In their work and design research, the founders, Dima Rachid and Leah Moukarzel, focus on shaping resilient environments and crafting spaces of social meaning and ecological and aesthetic value. studiolibani operates from Beirut, Lebanon, across scales, systems, and geographies.

Photos by Edmund Sumner : Minor Paradises, 2019 – Civil Architecture x studiolibani – The The Hangar Exhibition – Amman Design Week 2019 – Photo by Edmund Sumner
For the other photos: Minor Paradises by Civil Architecture x studiolibani – The Hangar Exhibition – Amman Design Week 2019

minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0000_minor-paradises-ADW-2019--05 minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0001_minor-paradises-ADW-2019--04 minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0002_minor-paradises-ADW-2019--02 minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0003_minor-paradises-ADW-2019--01 minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0004_Civil-Architecture-x-studiolibani---Edmund-Sumner-02 minor-paradises-ADW-2019--03_0005_Civil-Architecture-x-studiolibani---Edmund-Sumner-01

posted November, 2019

TILL, founded by Jane Philbrick MDes ’16, Hosts Inaugural bioFASHIONtech Summit; Featured in WWD, Stamford Advocate

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16

TILL (Today’s Industrial Living Landscapes), the community-based development studio founded by Jane Philbrick MDes ’16, recently hosted the inaugural bioFASHIONtech (bFt) summit, bringing together “makers and thought leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs, investors and retailers working at the forefront of emerging technologies for experimental textiles, new systems of community-based manufacturing, and business model innovation.” The event, which took place on June 24, 2019, at the Avon Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut, has been covered in Women’s Wear DailyStamford Advocate, Middletown Press, WGSN, and WTNH News 8. Speakers included Connecticut State Representative Anne Hughes, David S. Kong, PhD, director, MIT Media Lab Community Biotechnology Initiative, Geomorphologist David R. Montgomery, PhD, and more.

biofashiontech lab jane philbrick

bioFASHIONtech lab

The summit was the culmination of two months of work at the Stamford Town Center mall where TILL created a bioFASHIONtech lab to investigate bio-based methods for making clothing. “We want to make Connecticut the U.S. capital of sustainable fashion by 2022,” Philbrick told the Advocate.

Additional summit coverage

TILL, where Philbrick serves as Principal, grew out of work for her MDes thesis in Critical Conservation.

Learn more.

Image: Philbrick wearing one of the pieces from bFt designer Jacob Olmedo commissioned for the summit. (provided)

posted July, 2019

Flavio Sciaraffia MLA ’15, Sourav Kumar Biswas MLA ’16, Thomas Niderost MLA ’16, and Hannes Zander MLA ’15 Co-Edit “From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory”

Flavio Sciaraffia MLA '15, Sourav Kumar Biswas MLA '16, Thomas Niderost MLA '16, and Hannes Zander MLA '15, Pablo Allard MAUD '99, DDes '03

Four GSD graduates—Flavio Sciaraffia MLA ’15, Sourav Kumar Biswas MLA ’16, Thomas Niderost MLA ’16, and Hannes Zander MLA ’15—have co-edited the book From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory, published by the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), Santiago in March. The volume of 18 essays includes a foreword from Pablo Allard MAUD ’99, DDes ’03, and features the writing of young practitioners and academics (many of whom are GSD alums) based in eight different nations and five continents. Their essays offer a diversity of perspectives on contemporary models of landscape planning, management, and design across scales

The book came about as part of the team’s effort to form a multi-disciplinary group called the International Landscape Collaborative. It began as a group of planners and designers at the GSD interested in developing a landscape approach to tackle socio-ecological issues at multiple scale. Rather than viewing the landscape through the lens of a singular discipline, the book promotes an interdisciplinary approach that uses the landscape as a medium to understand and create urban form, infrastructures, and territorial systems. Since its online release, the publication has been read in more than 100 countries.

Read the publication online.

posted June, 2019

Katie MacDonald MArch ’16 Featured in Architect Magazine’s “Next Progressives” Series

Katie MacDonald MArch '16

After Architecture, the Blacksburg, Virginia-based firm founded by Katie MacDonald MArch ’16 and Kyle Schumann in 2012, is the recent subject of Architect magazine’s “Next Progressives” series. The monthly profile showcases exciting architectural talent, and includes an interview with the firm. Asked to name a favorite design, MacDonald and Schumann single out their most recent project, the Camp Barker Memorial. “Composed of a series of entry portals to a modern-day elementary school in Washington, D.C., the project calls attention to the site’s past as a Civil War–era refugee camp for those escaping slavery,” explain the pair. “The portals take form as a folding plane that incorporates a central gateway as well as smaller shelters that engage the scale of the child, inviting young students to grapple with America’s fraught history.”

Read the full interview.

Image: Camp Barker Memorial

posted May, 2019

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16 Featured in WWD, Danbury News-Times on Opening of Experimental Design Studio; to Chair Panel at Parson’s 2018 Anywhere & Elsewhere Conference

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16, founder of the nonprofit Today’s Industrial Living Landscapes (TILL) which seeks to naturally repair brownfields to create community spaces, was recently quoted in Women’s Wear Daily and Danbury News-Times about a collaboration between TILL and experimental textile designer, Jacob Olmedo. The project opens a store-front in the Redding, CT, home of Philbrick for Jacob Olmedo Studio, which produces sustainable yet wearable garments. These “living” clothes are made with 100% biodegradable fabrics and produced locally. Olmedo is an MFA student at Parsons where Philbrick teaches.

Philbrick sees Jacob Olmedo Studio as the first step to a larger artist community in Redding. In line with TILL’s mission, she envisions the long-vacant Gilbert & Bennett wire mill site as a future destination for artists and designers to live and work. TILL grew out of Philbrick’s work for her MDes thesis in Critical Conservation.

On Friday, November 16, Philbrick is set to chair the “Anywear” panel at Parsons School of Design/The New School’s Anywhere & Elsewhere Conference happening November 15-16, 2018. Panelists will include Jacob Olmedo, Burak Cakmak, Dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons, and Adam Geczy, author of numerous books on fashion and culture. The panel will take place at 2:15pm at the Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnold Hall, in New York City.

The biennial conference will feature artists that have “successfully navigated blind peer evaluation as part of Project Anywhere‘s Global Exhibition Program 2017-2018, together with invited presentations from established artists, designers, scholars, curators and writers actively engaged in practices outside traditional circuits,” according to its website.

Photo shows one of Olmedo’s plant-growing design captured by Gerardo Somoza / Indigita. Courtesy of WWD.

posted October, 2018

Courtney Sharpe MUP ’16 Joins Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture as First Director of Cultural Planning

Courtney Sharpe MUP ’16

Courtney Sharpe MUP ’16 has been named the first Director of Cultural Planning in the Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. She comes to the role from the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) where she served as the Senior Planner for Back Bay, Roxbury, and Mattapan. “This new position is a very important step in enhancing arts and culture in the City of Boston,” Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing Courtney use her expertise as an urban planner to further implement the goals of the Boston Creates cultural plan.”

In her new role, Sharpe will act as a liaison to other City departments and public agencies and will manage all arts and culture planning initiatives. “It’s an honor to join the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture,” said Sharpe. “I am looking forward to building new relationships and am excited to work at the intersection of arts and planning to expand opportunities for the creative communities to thrive throughout Boston.”

While at the GSD, Sharpe co-chaired the inaugural Black in Design Conference, served on Student Forum as Alumni Relations Co-Chair, and was President of JewSD. She also served as an advisor for the 2017 conference, “Designing Resistance, Building Coalitions,” and was the feature of a Student Portrait video.

Learn more.

Photo courtesy of the City of Boston.

posted September, 2018

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16 Co-curates International Artist Residency; Advances GSD Thesis

Jane Philbrick MDes '16, Christopher "Kip" Bergstrom MCP '76, MCRP '81

Jane Philbrick MDes ’16 is the co-curator of Dirt & Debt, an international artist residency with Brooklyn-based Residency Unlimited. Dirt & Debt will culminate in an exhibition and publication with ongoing programming in the metro NY region in 2019 and 2020, including a collaboration with the Bronx Science Consortium.

The residency is based on Philbrick’s Connecticut wire mill revitalization project, which served as the case study for her 2016 MDes thesis. She has since built out a team that includes a brownfield board of directors, formed under pioneering 2017 CT brownfield legislation, and project backers. The team recently met with Governor Dannel P. Malloy in Hartford to detail implementation of his signature brownfield legislation. Christopher “Kip” Bergstrom MCP ’76, MCRP ’81, the original project funder in 2013 and former deputy commissioner of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development, wrote of the project:

“There are many, many innovative aspects to the TILL redevelopment proposal for the site, which I won’t attempt to summarize other than to say that this could be the pace-setter for brownfield and mill redevelopment for the 21st century, not just in Connecticut, but nationwide.”

Jane Philbrick Residency

Dirt & Debt Residency at Residency Unlimited (RU)
Dates: February 1-April 30 2019

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 11.59pm EST

Artists today are key actors in bringing vitality back to the land, taking back their towns, and staking an active claim in re-envisioning their communities’ future. RU invites applications from US-based artists for Dirt & Debt, a 3-month thematic residency, conceived and curated by Livia Alexander and Jane Philbrick, for artists whose medium is the built and/or natural world. Criteria of selection will include working at the community level in the global context.

Dirt & Debt explores artists’ relation to the built and natural world in the era of superabundant capital, in which corporate profits are disconnected from local economies and artists are deployed to grace and animate the enterprise. Far from benign, art and real estate intersect at a global crossroads of wealth creation that accelerates inequality and ecological degradation.

Against a backdrop of the ever-expanding portfolio of initiatives undertaken by municipal leaders and real estate developers in various urban centers in the US and internationally to deploy the arts as a catalyst for economic growth, through this residency, RU aims to look at what other, more symbiotic models may look like.

Buckminster Fuller astutely observed, “You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” In order to build a new model, the logic of the existing model must be identified and understood.

Drawing on RU’s model of customized support, Dirt & Debt will take the form of a think-tank/street studio model of cross-discipline exchange and collaboration. Artists will work from RU’s headquarters in Brooklyn and have the option to develop projects while taking part in weekly discussions, meetings, and mentored workshops with key professionals in the built environment, including climate and soil scientists, real estate financiers, municipal leaders, land use and policy experts, and others. Artists can apply and develop their creative practice and processes around issues such as climate change, alternative transportation models, new technologies towards land remediation, and the transitioning relationship of the city to exurban peripheries.

Dirt & Debt is offered in two 3-month residencies; the first session runs February 1-April 30, 2019, the second in 2020 (dates TBA). Each cycle brings together 4 US-based and 4 international artists.

– We are inviting applications from US-based artists only.
– Based on available funding, housing and travel stipends will be provided to selected artists if they are based outside of New York City. In addition we are planning for each selected artist to receive a stipend that will be determined in accordance to funds secured by RU.

– June 1, 2018: Applications Open
– July 31, 2018: Applications Close
– August 24, 2018:  Applications Review by RU’s curatorial staff and external advisors
– September 6 snd 7, 2018: Interviews with the finalists
– October 1, 2018: Announcement of 4 selected US-based artists

Please provide the following  material via the Submission Form below:
– Contact information
– 500-word statement of interest
– Digital portfolio of 10-15 images (up to 5MB) and/or up to 90 seconds sound or video excerpts;
– CV and narrative bio
– Up to 5 URLs to a project website, social media, talks, reviews

Receipt of your submission will be confirmed by email. Please direct application concerns or questions to Natasa Prljevic, RU Executive and Curatorial Assistant: [email protected]

To apply, click here. Deadline for submission: July 31, 2018 (Midnight Eastern Time)


posted June, 2018

Alumni Honored with 2017-18 ACSA Architectural Education Awards

Renee Cheng AB '85, MArch '89, John Ronan MArch ‘91, Aziza Chaouni GSD '05, Jonathan Rule MArch '08, Jacob Wayne Mans MDes '16, Clare Robinson MArch '01

Six GSD alumni have been honored with 2017-2018  Architectural Education Awards for their outstanding work as architectural educators. They will be celebrated in March at the 106th ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver. In addition, GSD Professor Jorge Silvetti received the Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education this year.

ACSA/AIA Practice & Leadership Award

Renee Cheng AB ’85, MArch ’89, University of Minnesota, Professional Practice Class

Distinguished Professor

Renee Cheng AB ’85, MArch ’89, University of Minnesota
John Ronan MArch ‘91, Illinois Institute of Technology

ACSA Collaborative Practice Award

Aziza Chaouni GSD ’05, University of Toronto, “Let’s Talk”

ACSA Faculty Design Award

Jonathan Rule MArch ’08 with Ana Morcillo Pallares, University of Michigan, MUDEM

JAE Best Article Award Design as Scholarship

Jacob Wayne Mans MDes ’16, “Scaling for Non-Expert Production,” University of Minnesota

Clare Robinson MArch ’01, “Scholarship of Design Architecture in Support of Citizenry,” University of Arizona

posted February, 2018

Daniel Toole MAUD ’16 to be a Panelist at DesignMiami Discussing New Project: Concrete Alley

Daniel Toole MAUD '16

Principal and Founder of Daniel Toole Works, Daniel Toole ’16, will be speaking at Design Miami/ which is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. He will be speaking as part of the panel “Ideal City: New Architecture in the Miami Design District/” on December 7 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. More information is available here

Concrete Alley, which is in collaboration with SB Architects, is an ongoing project in the Miami Design District. It is a series of parabolic concrete walls and facades give new life to a nondescript Miami alley with changes in scale, shadow, and light integrating new and existing buildings together with a hidden court full of flowering trees at its center. The alley hopes to maintain its obscurity and crudeness in an otherwise sleek and glossy new shopping neighborhood.

Read coverage of Toole’s installation in Miami’s Design District in Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Daniel Toole Works

posted December, 2017

Work by Ten Recent GSD Alumni Published in Architectural Portfolio How-To from Margaret Fletcher MArch ’97

Devin Dobrowolski MLA '16, See Jia Ho MArch '15, Ahmed Hosny MDes '15, Jia Joy Hu MLA '17, Chase Jordan MArch '17, Flavio Sciaraffia Marquez MLA '15, Saurabh Mhatre MDes '15, Fani Christina Papadopoulou MArch '16, Alberto Embriz de Salvatierra MLA'17, Michelle Shofet MLA '16, Margaret Fletcher MArch '97

Portfolio work from ten recent GSD alumni–Devin Dobrowolski MLA ’16, See Jia Ho MArch ’15, Ahmed Hosny MDes ’15, Jia Joy Hu MLA ’17, Chase Jordan MArch ’17, Flavio Sciaraffia Marquez MLA ’15, Saurabh Mhatre MDes ’15, Fani Christina Papadopoulou MArch ’16, Alberto Embriz de Salvatierra MLA’17, and Michelle Shofet MLA ’16–has been published in the new book, Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio: The Only Primer You’ll Ever Need, by Margaret Fletcher MArch ’97. Their contributions were selected from over 10,000 pages of portfolios submitted by students for possible inclusion. Notably, Hu’s portfolio is included as a full case study and is featured in its entirety in the publication.

Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio is a  step-by-step guide to learning the art of designing a compelling and effective architectural portfolio. It includes 400 portfolio examples from 55 designers representing 50 schools nationwide.

Fletcher currently serves as Associate Professor of Architecture at Auburn University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture.

posted October, 2017

Azzurra Cox AB ’06, MLA ’16 to Work at Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Azzurra Cox AB '06, MLA '16

Azzurra Cox AB ’06, MLA ’16  has been hired as a designer at the Seattle-based landscape architecture firm Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. She brings a range of professional experiences in the worlds of education and policy reform, publishing, and curation to her new position. Cox was named the 2016 National Olmsted Scholar by the Landscape Architecture Foundation and is pursuing ongoing research on landscapes of memory in St. Louis.

 Image courtesy of GGN.

posted July, 2017

Jane Philbrick MDes ‘16 Discusses Artist Residencies, Urban Placemaking, and Social Practice at The New School/Parsons

Jane Philbrick MDes ‘16

On February 10, 2017, Jane Philbrick MDes ‘16 was a featured speaker at the symposium Embedded, Embedding: Artist Residencies, Urban Placemaking and Social Practice. The event focused on the “connecting and diverging points between the needs of communities, artists’ needs for materials and professional support, and those commissioning and underwriting such initiatives.” It was organized by Residency Unlimited (RU) in collaboration with the New School/Parsons MFA Fine Arts Program and curated by Livia Alexander.

Image: Jane Philbrick, The Expanded Field: “Swings,” Mass MoCA Rt 2 underpass, 2011 (Photo: Tony Cenicola)

posted February, 2017

Constantine Bouras MAUD ’11 Organized and Curated “A Shelter for Architecture” Along with Partners; GSD Alumni Contributed

Constantine Bouras MAUD ’11, with Evita Fanou, Electra Kontoroupi, Ioannis Oikonomou, Foteinos Soulos and Dimitra Tsachrelia, organized and curated “A Shelter for Architecture,” for the Greek Institute of Architects in New York [GIANY]. The event negotiated the general discourse on shelter and explored the idea of shelter as a concept through diverse lenses. “A Shelter for Architecture” staged events ranging from architectural exhibitions to talks and presentations, artistic performances, and installations.

Ignacio G. Galan MArch ’10, Nikos Katsikis DDes ’16, Dimitris Papanikolaou DDes ’16, Zenovia Toloudi DDes ’11, Dimitris Venizelos MAUD ’15, and Christina Yessios MAUD ’11 were among the contributors to the event.


posted February, 2017

Dima Rachid MLA ’15, Aziz Barbar MDes ’16, and ChengHe Guan MDes ’12, DDes ’16 Enter B-More Resilient Design Competition

Dima Rachid MLA '15, Aziz Barbar MDes '16, and ChengHe Guan MDes '12, DDes '16

A GSD team of students and recent alumni won the Most Innovative Design award from AIA Baltimore, for a project titled “Wet Corridor.” Dima Rachid MLA ’15, Aziz Barbar MDes ’16, and ChengHe Guan MDes ’12, DDes ’16 entered the 2015 B-More Resilient Design Competition, and focused on “rethinking East Baltimore’s infrastructural resilience as a means to social welfare.” Read the full description and see images here.

December 2015

posted December, 2016

Daekwon Park MDes ’12, DDes ’16 Won Second Prize at CAADRIA Conference

Daekwon Park MDes '12, DDes '16

Daekwon Park MDes ’12,  DDes ’16, along with two other GSD graduates, won the second prize for the best paper award at the CAADRIA 2015 conference for the project developed in the course taught by Professor Panagiotis Michalatos. Additionally, Park was honored with the 2015 Young CAADRIA Award. See the complete list of award recipients here.

June 2015

posted December, 2016