6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (EDT)


  • Civitas
  • 1200 Bannock Street
  • Denver
  • Colorado

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Denver is in the fastest period of growth in recent memory. Change is everywhere, especially in older neighborhoods where new multi-family, attached, and mixed-use products are springing up. Denver’s City Council is routinely caught between the interests of developers and neighbors. Yet housing prices seem to increase even faster than the pace of development. The new Denver Form-Based Zoning Code has not slowed the pace of growth, and some feel that it has enabled projects that are out-of-scale and disrespectful of existing spaces and properties. This discussion is intended to bring together the experience of GSD alumni in the area with the City Councilman whose district has been most heavily impacted by change.

Join us and participate in a candid discussion of the challenges and opportunities that face our city—and communities everywhere. Introductory remarks by Mark Johnson MLAUD ’82 will be followed by a discussion led by Rafael Espinoza, Denver District 1 Councilman. Reception to follow.

This event is hosted by Mark Johnson MLAUD ’82 and Alumni Council Chair Allyson Mendenhall AB ’90, MLA ’99.

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