2:00 pm - 3:30 pm (KST)


  • Seoul City Hall
  • 110 Sejong-daero
  • Jung-gu, Seoul

The rooftop terrace of Seoul City Hall.

Dean Sarah M. Whiting, GSD faculty, and local GSD alumni gathered as Dean Whiting delivered her lecture, “Straight up the Middle: Urbanism between Large and Small,” at Seoul City Hall.

When the public pays attention to things urban, it tends either to be about the small (singular buildings) or the very large (mega-scaled global development projects). This talk turns instead to the overlooked zone of the middle: urban, architectural, and landscape projects whose impact extends beyond themselves. Examples will come from history as well as the present. This middle scale, Dean Whiting argues, best captures the promise and the future of our contemporary urban world.

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