Isabella Frontado MLA ’20, MDes ’20

The transition to online teaching provided the GSD community with an opportunity to pause and reflect on our teaching and learning practices. It gave faculty a moment to consider how their courses are designed and how those designs may translate to a new medium. The on-the-toes response provided everyone with the opportunity to experiment. As with all experiments, some aspects succeeded and others needed more tweaking, but we should remember that even when things go wrong, you have the opportunity to learn. It was exciting to see so much energy and effort come together from students and faculty, and I hope we can continue to collectively test, reflect, and critically engage in questions and conversations around teaching and learning, especially as we transition back to the more familiar in-person classroom environment. What we teach, how we teach, the questions we ask, and how we engage with varied material will shape future generations of designers and how they, in turn, shape the world. Together, we can take this moment to think carefully about what that future looks like.