GSD Reunion 2016 classes: 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2005, and 2011


GSD reunion classes will descend on the hub of design discourse, Gund Hall, on September 30-October 1, 2016 for a festive weekend marking their 5th to 60th reunions and those years in between. We hope you will join us to engage in inspiring conversations and events celebrating design while reminiscing about your time as a student.

During two full days of events, you will learn more about the GSD’s groundbreaking activities across practices and disciplines and the current student experience. Tours will cover the Loeb Library’s Special Collections, the Harvard Art Museums, the Fabrication Lab, Harvard Campus Planning and House Renewal, plus an excursion to the Autodesk BUILD Space in the Seaport Innovation District led by Rick Rundell, MArch ’86. The GSD’s commitment to transformative research will be front and center with experiences in the Office for Urbanization, Center for Green Buildings and Cities, and Design Labs. Informal discussions and Q&A sessions with leadership from each of program area will delve into the GSD’s thriving academic programs and illuminate new initiatives at the forefront of design and innovation. You can also observe students in classes and mentor students during a breakfast session. To join us in celebrating your reunion and reconnecting with the GSD, please visit the Reunion 2016 event page.

Conversations and tours will likely recall the creativity and dynamism of your experiences in Gund or Robinson Hall revolving around the GSD’s world-renowned faculty, lectures, studio experiences, and your late nights collaborating on formative projects. Here is a collection of archival photos of reunion classes to begin rousing memories.

Reunion- 1961_Balcony-Photo61 Reunion-1976-Commencement-2_crop Reunion-1980s-Trays Reunion-1984-Moshe-Safdie-Teaching-Class in the 80's Reunion-1986_GSD-50th-Anniversary86 Reunion-1986-MArch_web Reunion-1991-Handbook-2 Reunion-1996-Newsletter_web Reunion-1996-Handbook-8_web Reunion-2015-Dinner
Moshe Safdie teaching Class outside of Gund Hall, 1980's

In preparation for the reunion, we hope you would be willing to share photos of you and your classmates during your time at the GSD.

These can be uploaded to our DropBox link or emailed to [email protected].

Please label the photo file name with this naming convention:
• First Initial_Last Name_Degree_Year_Function (if known)
• Example: L_Grant_MArch_1996_Traylife