By Zara Zhang, Harvard Magazine


Photo by John Horner

ON WEEKEND NIGHTS in summer, hundreds of Bostonians descend upon “Lawn on D,” a small park on South Boston’s D Street. They can be seen playing board games, enjoying a beer, attending a movie screening, or just relaxing with friends and family. But most of them are waiting for a turn to sit on one of the park’s 20 illuminated ring-shaped swings—the real reason they came here.

Far from being monopolized by children, these swings are enjoyed by all ages; friends push each other to go higher, couples share a big swing, young people snap selfies with their smiling faces surrounded by a large illuminated circle. It’s a playground for all.

The architects who designed and built the swings, Eric Höweler and Meejin Yoon, M.A.U. ’97, said the overwhelming popularity of their installation “Swing Time” has necessitated some repair work.

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