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Ralph Johnson MArch ’73, Kathleen Nagle MArch ’87, and Melissa Kaish GSD ’85 at the Accomplished Ambition Campaign Celebration.

In its final year, the Grounded Visionaries campaign showed its global reach, most notably in the area of fellowships and financial aid. Thanks to the generosity of donors from all over the world, students from Canada, China, India, Israel, Palestine, and various Asian countries now have greater access to top-tier opportunities in design education and can learn alongside peers pursuing particular GSD programs.

Prior to the Campaign, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design had 38 endowed fellowships; today there are 63 endowed fellowships, marking a 60 percent increase in the number of endowed funds since the start of the Campaign. Of the 26 endowed fellowships established during the Campaign, 9 launched in fiscal year 2018. Those funds are:

  • The Grounded Visionaries Alumni Council Financial Aid Fund, supported by current and former Alumni Council members, with lead gifts from Geoffrey LePlastrier MArch ’75 and an anonymous donor. This fund is providing aid to students active in the GSD community.
  • The Moshe Safdie Fellowship Fund aids students from Israel or Palestine who are enrolled in the Master in Architecture, Master in Urban Planning, or Master of Architecture in Urban Planning programs
  • The Nagle-Johnson Family Fellowship established by Perkins+Will, Ralph Johnson MArch ’73, and Kathleen Nagle MArch ’87 provides financial aid to students attending the GSD with the aim of expanding prospects for underrepresented members of the GSD community.
  • The Richard Murphy Fellowship Fund, created by the MLA ’80 alumnus, supports students in the Master in Landscape Architecture II program.
  • The C Foundation Fellowship Fund provides financial aid with a preference for GSD students from China.
  • The Gennosuke Obata Fellowship Fund, funded by the Nipsea Management Company Pte Ltd, provides financial aid to GSD students from Asian countries.
  • The Horne Family Fellowship Fund established by Bridget Colman and Mark M. Colman AB ’83, MBA ’87. This Fund provides aid for students from Canada.
  • The Steven Plofker and Bobbi Brown Fellowship Fund, funded by Steven D. Plofker MCRP ’80 and his wife, provides aid for students enrolled in the Master in Urban Planning program.
  • The India Design Leadership Fund, established by Siddharth Yog MBA ’04, provides financial aid for students from India.
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Moshe Safdie and Richard Murphy, Jr. MLA ’80 at the Accomplished Ambition Campaign Celebration.