Reunion 2017 will be taking place at the GSD Friday, October 13 – Saturday, October 14 for classes ending in 2’s and 7’2.In preparation for your reunion, the GSD tracked down photos from the archives of students and the GSD from 1972 to the 2000’s. You can join the memories by sharing photos of you and your classmates during your time at the GSD.

Upload yours to this DropBox link or emailed to [email protected]. Please label the photo file name with this naming convention:
• First Initial_Last Name_Degree_Year_Function (if known)
• Example: L_Grant_MArch_1996_Traylife

For more information on Reunion, please visit this page.

2 AA011-1972Gund-Construction1_web 3 FB087-1972-Loeb-Dedication-library3_web 4 FB089-1986Whales-Prize-with-Prince-Charles_web 4 FB092-1980s-chauhaus-lunch_web 4 FB092-1980s-pit-class_web 5 FB094-1980s-Piper-Lecture2_web 6 1990s-assorted-fac-student-photo-trays1-web 7 1990s-assorted-fac-student-photo-Alex-Krieger_web 7 2000s-assorted-fac-student-photo-Michael-Hays_web 8 2000s-assorted-fac-student-photo-studio-review1_web
K. Michael Hays, Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Chair of the Department of Architecture (2000’s.)