Stacey Lankford Pennington MUP '05

Stacey Pennington currently participates on the Ambassadorship Committee. In 2021, she was a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Stacey is the founder and principal of SLP Urban Planning, as well as a strategic advisor for the World Woman Foundation and the San Diego-based real estate development firm Lankford & Associates. Stacey’s point of view, whether in her work as an urban planner, community organizer, or civic leader, is shaped by a commitment to challenging the parameters of traditional real estate development and community engagement.

Currently, Stacey’s work with the World Woman Foundation is focused on designing and producing the 2023 Sustainability Forum, which is the launchpad for a year-long initiative focused on the importance of human-centered design at the intersection of urban planning, energy, the digital economy, food systems, and women’s health. This initiative is one of the ways that the World Woman Foundation fulfills its mission of empowering women and girls to reach their full potential through education, mentorship, and community engagement through the lens of sustainability.

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