On April 12, the GSD Alumni Council honored three current students with the 2018 Unsung Hero Book Prize during a celebration in the Frances Loeb Library. Ernest Haines MLA ’18Tim Webster MLA ’19, and Sarah Diamond MLA ’19 were among this year’s recipients.

Now in its twelfth year, the prize celebrates GSD students who act in selfless ways to make the School a better place. Winners are presented with a book of their selection by the Council, and a second copy is donated to the Loeb Library with a bookplate commemorating the award. 04122018_unsung_alumni9226-1024x682_v2

Sarah selected the book Imagined Utopias in the Built Environment: From London’s Vauxhall Garden to the Black Rock Desert by Anna Novakov. Tim selected the book Common Grounds: Atelier Descombes Rampini 2000-2015, edited by Julien Descombes, Bruno Marchand, and Marco Rampini. One nominator said of Sarah and Tim:

They selflessly sacrifice their time and energy to organizing Beer and Dogs, knowing clearly that this is a thankless extracurricular activity. The work that the pair does very much contributes to an environment of camaraderie and community at the GSD, and Sarah and Tim go above and beyond to coordinate the events with other student organizations. The two are incredibly professional and ensure that the wellbeing of others is prioritized during the events, which speak to their character as individuals and unsung heroes within our small community.”

Ernest selected the book Deconstructing the High Line: Postindustrial Urbanism and the Rise of the Elevated Park, edited by Christoph Lindner and Brian Rosa. One nominator said of Ernest:

“His technical knowledge for certain programs makes him a unique asset to the GSD community, and rather than pushing a personal agenda, Ernest does well in sharing his work as part of a larger dialogue/discourse regarding the nexus of tool and technique in landscape architecture. He is also incredibly patient, and ensures that any questions are answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. Ernest was an easy nomination to receive the Unsung Hero Book Prize, and I hope that through this initiative, we may formally thank him and acknowledge the impact he has made to our GSD community.”

Over 30 GSD students were nominated for the Unsung Hero Book Prize this year. Read more about the Prize’s tenth anniversary, celebrated in 2016.

Unsung Hero 2018 - Tim Webster, Sarah Diamond Unsung Hero 2018 - Ernest Haines Unsung Hero reception Unsung Hero 2018 - reception Unsung Hero 2018 - reception
Tim Webster MLA '19 and Sarah Diamond MLA '19