Thomas Kraubitz MAUD '09

As a new member of the AC, Thomas wants to focus on Europe and help the GSD’s current and prospective students from the region to connect. He was also the MAUD/MLAUD class marshal of ’09.

Thomas is a director at Buro Happold and their head of Sustainability and Climate in Europe. He is a leader in resilience, carbon, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) frameworks on scales spanning from individual buildings to districts, cities, and regions. He leads teams across the region on integrated development, strategic planning, mobility, sustainability, and energy, guiding them toward the goal of zero carbon.

His professional experience includes working as an architect for Stefan Behnisch , Qingyun Ma , and Kenneth Yeang , as an urban quality consultant for Jan Gehl, and as an engineering advisor and consultant for Buro Happold. He also worked for the European Commission as an expert on sustainable urbanization. He has lived and worked in Germany, Denmark, the US, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. He is a licensed architect and urban planner in Germany and an appointed member of the German Architects of Architects (BDA). Thomas teaches frequently across Europe and holds various teaching positions in urban development and sustainability.

He is a co-initiator and co-founder of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and member of the board of directors. He has received numerous scholarships, including a Fulbright to attend the GSD and MIT, and he is a fellow of the Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt .

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