The Ghana elementary school attended by Maclean ‘Mac’ Sarbah MDes ’19 has named a building in his honor. As reported to JoyNews: “Maclean ‘Mac’ Sarbah, who recently graduated with a Masters from Harvard University, said he was ‘surprised and emotional’ when he discovered that Yeji’s Royal Educational Complex decided to dedicate a building to him. The school, which he attended for primary and junior high school (JHS), invited him to speak to its students about the power of education, but upon arrival, administrators had an entirely different plan arranged.”

“They ended up planning a festival in front of about 2000 school children. They were really inspired. It was surreal. I’m so grateful to the school,” said Sarbah. “In many ways, this was a recognition of the hard work and support of family, friends, teachers, classmates, staff at every school and mentors. It’s a recognition of God’s grace for the unworthy. I couldn’t have done it alone. I believe it’s for a bigger purpose than for yourself”

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