“Architecture as Measure,” curated by Neyran Turan DDes ’09, will be presented at the Pavilion of Turkey during the 2020 Venice Biennale. Selected from an open-call and two step evaluation, the project “seeks to elaborate on what architecture could contribute towards a new imagination of our environment beyond environmentalism and technological determinism in light of the current political crisis around climate change,” states a recent press release from the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, which is coordinating the exhibition. “Rather than limiting the role of climate change for design as a problem to solve, the project questions whether we can speculate on architecture as a measure through which the environment might be imagined. By providing an alternative perspective on the seemingly mundane and quotidian practices that surround and support architectural construction in Turkey, the project proposes another kind of architectural environmental imagination.”

Neyran Turan is an Assistant Professor at the University of California-Berkeley and a partner at NEMESTUDIO.

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