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GSD Faculty and Alumni Win 2024–25 Rome Prize

Four members of the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) community are among the 31 winners of the 2024­–25 Rome Prize. Awarded annually by the American Academy in Rome (AAR), this prestigious fellowship includes a stipend, workspace, and room and board for up to ten months at the Academy’s campus, located on the Janiculum Hill in Rome, where recipients undertake advanced independent work and research in the arts and humanities.

Michelle Jaja Chang MArch ’09, current Assistant Professor of Architecture at the GSD, is the winner of the Arnold W. Brunner/Frances Barker Tracey/Katherine Edwards Gordon Rome Prize in Architecture. Chang focuses on the techniques and histories of architectural representation. Her project, to be explored during her time at the Academy, is titled Material Resistance to Symbolic Form.

Anthony Acciavatti MArch ’09, Diana Balmori Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture at Yale University and principal of Somatic Collaborative in New York City, is the recipient of the Gilmore D. Clarke and Michael Rapuano/Kate Lancaster Brewster Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture. Acciavatti works at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and the history of science and technology. His AAR project is titled Groundwater Earth: The World before and after the Tubewell.

Dan Spiegel MArch ’08 and Megumi Aihara MLA ’07 are the joint recipients of the Garden Club Prize of America/Prince Charitable Trusts Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture. The two are principals of the Spiegel Aihara Workshop (SAW), a San Francisco–based a design firm that operates at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urban design. In addition, Spiegel is a Continuing Lecturer at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley. Spiegel and Aihara’s project at AAR is titled Landscapes of Fire.

“The Rome Prize is one of the most storied fellowship programs in the United States,” said AAR President Peter N. Miller, as quoted in the AAR’s recent announcement.  “Over a thousand people compete for the chance to live and work in Rome, inspired by the city and one another. The Rome Prize winners represent a bridge between the United States and Italy, but also between a present of potential and a future of achievement.” This year’s Rome Prize recipients were selected from 1,106 applications (a record number), for an acceptance rate of 2.9 percent.

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Updated May 8, 2024

posted May, 2024

“Silt Sand Slurry: Dredging, Sediment, and the Worlds We Are Making” by Gena Wirth MLA ’09, MUP ’09 Published with AR+D

Gena Wirth MLA ’09, MUP ’09 has released a new book “Silt Sand Slurry: Dredging, Sediment, and the Worlds We Are Making” with co-authors Rob Holmes and Brett Milligan (AR+D, 2023). This book is a visually rich investigation into where, why, and how sediment is central to the future of America’s coasts.

“The topic and our approach to it is timely. Climate change, environmental transformation, and the design of equitable, effective responses are pressing concerns for coastal regions throughout the United States and globally.”

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posted March, 2024

“Beyond Sustainable: Architecture’s Evolving Environments of Habitation” by Ryan Ludwig MArch ’09 published by Routledge

Routledge has released Beyond Sustainable: Architecture’s Evolving Environments of Habitation by Ryan Ludwig MArch ’09. The book discusses the relationship between human beings and the constructed environments of habitation we create living in the Anthropocene, an increasingly volatile and unpredictable landscape of certain change.

This volume accepts that human beings have reached a moment beyond climatological and ecological crisis. It asks not how we resolve the crisis but, rather, how we can cope with, or adapt to, the irreversible changes in the earth-system by rethinking how we choose to inhabit the world-ecology. Through an examination of numerous historical and contemporary projects of architecture and art, as well as observations in philosophy, ecology, and the social sciences, the book critically questions narratives of “green” or “sustainable” design, the dominant professional and disciplinary responses to climate breakdown. Instead, the book reimagines architecture capable of influencing and impacting who we are, how we live, what we feel and even how we evolve.

Ryan is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Roger Williams University and has previously held teaching positions at Syracuse SoA, SUNY Buffalo a+p and Cornell AAP.

Find the book online at Routledge

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posted January, 2023

Betty Ng MArch ’09, Chi Yan Chan MArch ’08, Juan Minguez MArch ’09 firm selected as MIPIM ASIA Awards “Best Futura Project”

COLLECTIVE ( collective studio), a Hong Kong, Madrid and San Francisco-based firm founded by Betty Ng MArch ’09, co-directed by Chi Yan Chan MArch ’08, Juan Minguez MArch ’09 and Katja Lam, was awarded Silver for the Best Futura Project at MIPIM Asia Awards 2021, one of the largest real estate awards in Asia. The podium architectural design of the King Lam Street Commercial Development forms the base for a new set of commercial twin towers situated in Lai Chi Kok, an old industrial district in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The design is made up of three levels and comprises four main program components: retail and F&B shops; two main office lobby entrances providing access to the two towers; a reconfigurable and multifunction auditorium; and finally, a large outdoor gathering area composed of a continuous parametric green landscape of steps which extends from the second floor down to the ground level.

Learn more about the project at COLLECTIVE’s website.

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posted March, 2022

Quilian Riano MArch ’09 Appointed Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture Assistant Dean

Architect, urban designer, and academic Quilian Riano MArch ’09 has been appointed the new assistant dean within Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture. He will assume the role on July 12, 2021. Reporting to School of Architecture Dean, Dr. Harriet Harriss, Riano will work across all four of the school’s departments to help develop and amplify the research-driven, spatial outcomes with real-world impact that have come to distinguish the school’s ambitions and resulted in growing recognition from independent ranking systems. Riano will also assist in the advancement of the school’s established partnerships with city and government agencies, community groups, academic and cultural institutions, and construction industry leaders to ensure that the school continues to be positioned to powerfully advance pedagogy, public policy, and professional practice.

You can find Quilian Riano @quilian

posted July, 2021

YEN TING CHO, founded by Yen-Ting Cho MDes ’09, Wins Gold at the International Design Awards

Yen-Ting Cho MDes ’09

Design Studio YEN TING CHO, founded by Yen-Ting Cho MDes ’09, won Gold at the International Design Awards (IDA) for its 2021 New York City scarf collection. YEN TING CHO uses its own digital technology that responds to body movement to manipulate images and create unique patterns. Full of colour and movement, YEN TING CHO patterns are digitally-printed onto the finest materials for fashion accessories and interior design products.

With submissions from over 80 countries, the 14th annual IDA awards recognize, celebrate, and promote exceptional design visionaries worldwide. “The jury recognized its highly innovative and experimental creative processes; YEN TING CHO dares to combine digital technology and art to explore complex pattern and color combinations, leading to the creation of unique and beautiful designs.”

YEN TING CHO Studio was founded by lead designer Yen-Ting Cho in London in 2016. A designer and artist, Yen-Ting Cho is a graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Design (MDes) and the Royal College of Art, London (PhD). He worked as a designer in America, Asia and Europe prior to establishing YEN TING CHO Studio. Based in London, the Studio also has a design team in Tainan City, Taiwan, where Yen-Ting is also Associate Professor of Design at National Cheng Kung University. Recent commissions and exhibitions include Camden Arts Centre (London), Manchester Science Festival, and curation of ‘Movement – Pattern – Object’ exhibition for the Taiwan Design Expo.

For more information, please see the press release.


Model with Times Square scarf

posted May, 2021

John Werner LF ’09 along with MIT Researchers Launch Location-Tracking Effort for the New Coronavirus

John Werner LF ’09

John Werner LF ’09 and a team of MIT researchers have launched a mobile app called Private Kit: Safe Paths, to track COVID-19 patients via their phones by sharing information about their movements in a privacy-preserving way—and could let health officials tackle coronavirus hot spots. This could potentially be the first large-scale project in the U.S. to trace their movement and that of those with whom they interact. As reported in The Wall Street Journal, “the project requires both people who have the illness caused by the novel coronavirus and those who don’t to voluntarily download an app to their phones. Researchers have said that the collected data is scrambled so that individuals can’t be identified and such measures are aimed at alleviating the privacy concerns that in the U.S. have surrounded the prospect of this type of surveillance.” Researchers said they are in negotiations for backing from the World Health Organization about how the technology should be deployed. They also are working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and have had several conversations with the White House, according to people familiar with the matter.

The MIT project’s success is dependent on amassing a large number of participants, and whether that is attainable in the U.S. isn’t yet clear. The MIT effort comes as a host of startups and researchers are racing to develop new technology to fight various aspects of the novel coronavirus. The MIT research group says it is also joining with big tech companies and large health-care systems, such as the Mayo Clinic and the Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young, to aggregate as much data as possible through the app, called Private Kit. Several Facebook Inc. engineers are donating their time to the project, which is led by Ramesh Raskar, a former Facebook executive who also worked at Alphabet Inc.’s Google X unit.

To find out more about this project, click here.

posted April, 2020

Project curated by Neyran Turan DDes ’09 to be exhibited at Turkish Pavilion during the 2020 Venice Biennale

Neyran Turan DDes '09

“Architecture as Measure,” curated by Neyran Turan DDes ’09, will be presented at the Pavilion of Turkey during the 2020 Venice Biennale. Selected from an open-call and two step evaluation, the project “seeks to elaborate on what architecture could contribute towards a new imagination of our environment beyond environmentalism and technological determinism in light of the current political crisis around climate change,” states a recent press release from the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, which is coordinating the exhibition. “Rather than limiting the role of climate change for design as a problem to solve, the project questions whether we can speculate on architecture as a measure through which the environment might be imagined. By providing an alternative perspective on the seemingly mundane and quotidian practices that surround and support architectural construction in Turkey, the project proposes another kind of architectural environmental imagination.”

Neyran Turan is an Assistant Professor at the University of California-Berkeley and a partner at NEMESTUDIO.

Learn more.

posted November, 2019

Kent State Names Quilian Riano MArch ’09 Associate Director of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Quilian Riano MArch '09

Quilian Riano MArch ’09 has been named Associate Director of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) at Kent State University. His first day is August 15, 2019.

Riano previously served as Senior Strategic Design Initiatives Specialist for New York City’s Department of Design and Construction, Office of the Chief Architect. He is also founder and lead designer of DSGN AGNC, and has taught over 25 undergraduate and graduate studios. Riano plans to extend his teaching experience to his role at Kent State.

Read the full press release.

posted August, 2019

Exhibition Curated by Sae Kim MAUD ’12 and Featuring GSD Alumni/Faculty Opens at BSA Space

Sae Kim MAUD ’12, Elizabeth Christoforetti MArch '09, Greg Chung Whan Park March '11 Jonathan Scelsa MAUD '11, Andres Sevtsuk, Andrew Witt MArch '07, MDes '02

Balancing Act: Urbanism & Emerging Technologies, curated by Sae Kim MAUD ’12, is on view at the BSA Space through September 27, 2019. The exhibition looks at ways in which human-centered technology can have a positive impact on our urban experience. “With cities undergoing remarkable change, there is an urgency to find the balance between technology and urban life,” states the exhibition text. Kim currently serves as Associate Principal at Boston-based design firm CBT.

The show also features a number of GSD-affiliated contributors, including:

  • Jennifer Birkeland MLA ’11
  • Elizabeth Christoforetti MArch ’09
  • Greg Chung Whan Park March ’11
  • Jonathan Scelsa MAUD ’11
  • Andres Sevtsuk, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Harvard GSD
  • Andrew Witt MArch ’07, MDes ’02, Assistant Professor in Practice in Architecture, Harvard GSD
  • Kaz Yoneda MArch ’11

A Curator Tour will take place on Thursday, June 27, 2019, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM.

posted June, 2019

Jennifer Bonner MArch ’09 of MALL Receives 2019 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers

Jennifer Bonner MArch '09

MALL, the practice founded by Jennifer Bonner MArch ’09, is one of six firms to receive a 2019 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers. Now in its 38th year, the annual competition recognizes exemplary work from young practitioners, defined as ten years or less out of school. The 2019 theme—just—asked entrants to “consider the just in how they approach the practice of architecture, whether through experimentation in research and design advocacy or by advancing speculative and applied techniques within the discipline.”

An exhibition of winners’ work will be on display from June 21-July 31, 2019 at Parsons School of Design / The New School’s Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries. Bonner will present a lecture on June 20, 2019.

In addition to leading MALL, Bonner is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of the Master in Architecture II Program at the GSD.

Image: Domestic Hats by MALL

posted May, 2019

Firm of C.C. Lee AMDP ’09 Launches Partnership in Liberia

C.C. Lee AMDP '09

STOA Architects, the firm founded by C.C. Lee AMDP ’09, has established a new partnership in Liberia to provide a variety of innovative design solutions for infrastructure projects as well as materials testing, laboratory facilities, and improved education with the goal of creating a more design-conscious public. “When I visited Liberia in 2016, traveling from the airport to the Bella Cassa Hotel, Monrovia looked just like China in the 90s. Imagine, just in 30 years, China has become a global force in infrastructure development,” said Lee during a ceremony in honor of the partnership. Established in 1983 and based in Houston, STOA Architects has over 300 staff in twelve offices globally. Learn more.


posted April, 2019

International Architecture Studio, COLLECTIVE is chosen as one of 7 finalists for Reimagine the Canals Competition

Betty Ng MArch '09 and Juan Minguez MArch '09

COLLECTIVE, a firm founded in 2015 and currently directed by Betty Ng MArch ’09 and Juan Minguez MArch ’09 and two others has been selected as one of the 7 finalists that were selected from 145 entries globally for the $2.5M Reimagine the Canals Competition, which seeks “innovative ideas to transform the NY State Canal System”. The competition, managed by the Canal Corporation and the New York Power Authority, seeks new approaches for how to both use the canals as an engine for economic development and also to become a hub for tourism and recreation. As the only international team entering the final stage, COLLECTIVE, with offices in Hong Kong, New York, and Madrid, is partnered with Philadelphia studios WRT and Interface, forming a joint team named “Intra-Works” for their submission. 

COLLECTIVE is an International Architecture Studio practicing architecture, interiors and urban design. They are a research and idea-driven practice that offers powerful concepts, insist on clarity, beauty, and function.

For more about the firm click here

For more pictures click here

posted May, 2018

Alumni Receive 2018 Graham Foundation Grants for Exhibitions, Publications, Research

Zeina Koreitem MDes '16, John May MArch '02, Eric Bunge MArch '96, Mimi Hoang MArch '98, Kenny Cupers PhD '10, Rami El Samahy MArch '00, Michael Kubo MArch '06, Alexander Robinson MLA '05, Neyran Turan DDes '09, Bradley Cantrell MLA '03, Marielsa Castro Vizcarra MDes '17, Brian Goldstein PhD '13, Ana Maria Leon Crespo MDes '01, Sun-Young Park MArch '08/PhD '14, Sara Zewde MLA '15

Fifteen designers, artists, historians, and others from the GSD alumni community have been selected to receive 2018 Graham Foundation Grants. Announced on April 5, the Graham Foundation’s 2018 Grants to Individuals present $534,850 in new grants to support 74 projects by 111 individuals and collaborators who are “engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment,” the Foundation writes.

Alumni projects include exhibitions, publications, and research. Among the winners are GSD faculty Zeina Koreitem MDes ’16 and John May MArch ’02, who received a grant for the exhibition “Under Present Conditions,” produced through their Los Angeles-based firm, MILLIØNS. (“Under Present Conditions” will be on view at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles from January 11 through April 26, 2019.)

The funded projects were selected from over 600 proposals and represent a diverse group of individuals and collectives, including architects, artists, choreographers, historians, and filmmakers who hail from around the world.

Other GSD alumni awardees include:

Eric Bunge MArch ’96

Mimi Hoang GSD ’98

Kenny Cupers PhD ’10

Rami El Samahy MArch ’00

Michael Kubo MArch ’06

Alexander Robinson MLA ’05

Neyran Turan DDes ’09

Bradley Cantrell MLA ’03

Marielsa Castro Vizcarra MDes ’17

Brian Goldstein PhD ’13

Ana Maria Leon Crespo MDes ’01

Sun-Young Park MArch ’08/PhD ’14

Sara Zewde MLA ’15

Read the full list of 2018 Graham Foundation Grants to Individuals via the Graham Foundation’s announcement.

Image: MILLIØNS (Zeina Koreitem & John May), Collectives II, 2016–. Courtesy of the artists.

posted April, 2018

Elizabeth Swaney MDes ’09 to Compete in Freestyle Ski Halfpipe at 2018 Winter Olympics

Elizabeth Swaney MDes ‘09

Elizabeth Swaney MDes 09 has been selected to compete in the freestyle ski halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She will represent Hungary, a country that is part of her family’s heritage. Fittingly, one of Swaney’s favorite courses at the GSD studied Olympic venues and the infrastructure built to accommodate them (“Olympic Infrastructure” led by Judith Grant Long).

A multi-sport athlete, Swaney served as a track and field team manager while at Harvard. She also previously competed in skeleton, and was part of the USA Bobsled & Skeleton developmental team. As an undergrad at Cal-Berkeley, Swaney was a coxswain on the men’s rowing team, winning a Pac-10 championship.

Image courtesy of Harvard Athletics.

posted February, 2018

Esther Choi MDes ’08 and Marrikka Trotter MDes ’09, PhD ’17 Publish Book, “Architecture Is All Over”

Esther Choi (MDes, ’08) and Marrikka Trotter (MDes. ’09, PhD ’17)

Architecture Is All Over, a book co-edited by Esther Choi MDes ’08 and Marrikka Trotter MDes ’09, PhD ’17, will be released in September 2017 by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. AIAO consists of an array of essays and design proposals from emerging and established scholars and practitioners.

Contributors include Matthew Allen MArch ‘10, PhD ‘20K. Michael Hays, Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Interim Chair of the Department of Architecture at the GSD; Patty Heyda MArch ‘00; John J. May MArch ’02, Design Critic in Architecture, Co-Director of the Master in Design Studies Program Area Coordinator, History and Philosophy of Design MDes area group at the GSD; Pablo Pérez Ramos MLA ’12, DDes ‘17; Trevor Patt MArch ‘09; Jonathan Tate MDes ‘08; and Andrew Witt MDes ’02, MArch ’07, Assistant Professor in Practice in Architecture at the GSD.

The book is in many ways a follow up to the pair’s first volume, Architecture At the Edge of Everything Else, published by MIT Press in 2010. The project initially took the form of a student publication conceived during their time as graduate students at the GSD. Choi is currently a joint PhD candidate in the History and Theory of Architecture and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities at Princeton University. Trotter recently received her doctorate from Harvard, where she studied architecture, urbanism, and landscape.

More information can be found on the Columbia University Press website.

Image courtesy of Columbia University Press.


posted July, 2017

GSD Alumni Honored with 2017 Progressive Architecture Awards

Jennifer Bonner MArch '09, Joshua Prince-Ramus MArch '96, Sharon Johnston MArch '95, Mark Lee MArch '95, Thom Mayne MArch '78, William O'Brien MArch '05, Edwin Chan MArch '85, Nader Tehrani MAUD ’91, Katherine Faulkner MArch ’93, Daniel Gallagher MArch ’91

The work of Harvard University Graduate School of Design alumni was recently recognized with 2017 Progressive Architecture Awards from Architect magazine. The jury, which included GSD alumna Jennifer Bonner MArch ’09,  was tasked with finding the best examples of works that “represent design that pushes the envelope, novel methods of representation, and an exploration of humble building types that can make peoples’ lives better.” Winning projects from firms led by GSD alumni include:


Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center
New York
REX, led by Joshua Prince-Ramus MArch ’96

Menil Drawing Institute
Johnston Marklee, led by Sharon Johnston MArch ’95 and Mark Lee MArch ’95


Bloomberg Center
New York
Morphosis Architects, led by Thom Mayne MArch ’78


Mask House
Ithaca, N.Y.
WOJR, led by William O’Brien MArch ’05

True North
EC3, led by Edwin Chan MArch ’85

New Hampshire Retreat
Bethlehem, N.H.
NADAAA, led by Nader Tehrani MAUD ’91 in collaboration with partners Katherine Faulkner MArch ’93 and Daniel Gallagher MArch ’91

Image courtesy of Architect magazine.


posted March, 2017

Mazen Sakr MArch ’09 and Makoto Abe MArch ’03 Win $10,000 in Seed Money for MyChair

Makoto Abe MArch '03 and Mazen Sakr MArch '09

Mazen Sakr MArch ’09 and Makoto Abe MArch ’03 won $10,000 in seed money for their social enterprise, MyChair, formed with colleagues from the Harvard Business School. The duo’s patent-pending design of a portable chair/desk will be produced and delivered to children in third world countries, starting with Nepal. The chair is designed to be lightweight so children can carry them on their backs from home to school and back, giving them ownership of the chairs and the ability to study off of the home or school dirt floor.

April 2015

posted December, 2016

Firm Founded by Neyran Turan DDes ’09 and Mete Sonmez MArch ’08 Selected as a Winner of Architectural League Prize

Neyran Turan DDes ’09 and Mete Sonmez MArch ’08

NEMESTUDIO, founded by Neyran Turan DDes ’09 and Mete Sonmez MArch’08, is selected as one of six winners the Architectural League Prize 2016. The theme for this year’s portfolio competition, (im)permanence asks how time affects architecture’s assertion of style, methods of assembly, and relationship to program, thereby altering expectations of permanent structures in an impermanent environment. The prize winners will give public lectures in June and their work will be exhibited at Parsons The New School for Design June 29 to July 30, 2016.

May 2016

posted December, 2016

Stephen Fan MArch ’12 Curates and Aron Chang MArch ’09 Contributes to Exhibit, “SubUrbanisms: Casino Company Town, China Town”

Aron Chang MArch ’09 and Stephen Fan MArch ’12

An exhibit curated by Stephen Fan MArch ’12 titled “SubUrbanisms: Casino Company Town, China Town” is currently on view at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, Connecticut. Featuring infographics, photographs, maps, and architectural representations and speculations by Stephen Fan in collaboration with graphic designer Shane Keaney, the exhibition explores casino urbanization, workers’ communities, and the contested suburban landscape through the lenses of architecture, landscape and planning, as well as anthropology, geography and contemporary critical art practices. The exhibit accompanies a publication that includes contributions from Stephen Fan and Shane Keaney, Society of Architectural Historians President Abigail Van Slyck, anthropologist Ellen Pader, historian Chloe Taft, and architect Aron Chang MArch ’09. A symposium will be held on March 29 at the Lyman Allyn and Connecticut College. The exhibit will run through May 12, 2014.

posted December, 2016

Sophia X. Chang MArch ’13, Shu Lai Talun MArch ’09, and Jeffrey Olinger MArch ’09 Collaborating on Interactive Runway Fashion Show

Shu Lai Talun MArch ’09, Jeffrey Olinger MArch ’09, and Sophia X. Chang MArch ’13

Shu Lai Talun MArch ’09 of CBT Architects and Sophia X. Chang MArch ’13 are collaborating on producing an interactive runway extravaganza, which will also feature music mixes by Jeffrey Olinger MArch ’09 and wearable art by Jessica Rozenkranz who attended the GSD for a year. Slated for Saturday, April 12, 2014 at The Uniun, located in Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood, the public will be invited to try out hair and make-up services and clothing provided by local-area businesses, walk the runway, and have their pictures taken in an installation design by Sophia. The concept for the fashion show was conceived as a response to the Somerville Arts Council’s call for “creative individuals to create, produce and manage cultural events that would reinvigorate the artistic and business landscape in Union Square,” which is in part sponsoring the event. The grant received from the Arts Council will cover the event space rental, but the team is seeking additional funds to cover the cost of materials for the stage and fabric installation piece. Anyone interested in donating may do so on Kickstarter.

February 2014

posted December, 2016

Dennis Pieprz MAUD ’85, Martin Zogran MAUD ’99, and Ming-Jen Hsueh MLA ’09, MLAUD ’09 Receive Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Excellence Award

Dennis Pieprz MAUD ’85, Martin Zogran MAUD ’99, and Ming-Jen Hsueh MLA ’09, MLAUD ’09

A team from Sasaki Associates—featuring GSD alums Dennis Pieprz MAUD ’85Martin Zogran MAUD ’99, and Ming-Jen Hsueh MLA ’09, MLAUD ’09—was honored with the Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Excellence Award for their work on the Songzhuang Arts and Agriculture City master plan in Beijing, China. The award was presented during the 2014 APA National Planning Conference.

May 2014

posted December, 2016

Christoph Ibele MArch ’09 Joined St. Louis HOK Office

Christoph Ibele MArch ’09

Christoph Ibele MArch ’09 has joined the St. Louis office of HOK as a design professional, working on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Chemistry-Biology Building. Prior to HOK, Ibele worked at Radius Track Corp.

June 2014

posted December, 2016

Lior Galili MArch ’09 Presented Research at Mediated City – LA Conference

Lior Galili MArch ’09

Lior Galili MArch ’09 presented her research paper “Times Square’s Street Section and the Ghosted Silver Screen,” in the Mediated City – LA Conference, hosted by Woodbury University. Galili’s paper is a further development of her thesis project at the GSD under the guidance of Professor K. Michael Hays and Professor Peter Rowe, and with the kind support of the Harvard Real Estate Academic Initiative (REAI). The paper will further be published in the Architecture MPS online journal and in a forthcoming book following the Mediated City – LA Conference.

January 2015

posted December, 2016

Corey Zehngebot MArch ’09 Discusses BRA Exhibit with WBUR

Corey Zehngebot MArch '09

Corey Zehngebot MArch ’09, senior urban designer and architect at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, was recently interviewed by Bob Oakes of WBUR for a piece titled “As BRA Seeks To Extend Urban Renewal Powers, Exhibit Looks At Controversial Past.”

October 2015

posted December, 2016

Andrei Gheorghe’s MArch ’09 Project Selected as Winner of International AZ Award

Andrei Gheorghe’s MArch ’09

Andrei Gheorghe’s MArch ’09 project, Architecture Challenge 13, was selected as the winner of the international AZ Award 2015 in Toronto / Canada from 720 international submissions. The award has been attributed in the category Concepts/Prototype. Gheorghe is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture / University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The project was conducted as a collaboration between the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the REXLab at TU Innsbruck. Click here for more information.

March 2016

posted December, 2016