Carola Jain

Carola Jain is the CEO and Co-Founder of DMINTI, a pioneering organization that partners with the world’s leading contemporary and emerging artists to curate, produce, and position impactful digital art and Web3 experiences.

Prior to her current board position at Spartan, the Global Extreme Wellness brand, Carola was the Global CMO overseeing all aspects of Spartan’s marketing and brand strategy. Carola spent over 16 years at Interbrand as Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Analytics, where she led the financial services and non-profit practice as well as overseeing Interbrand’s top 100 ‘Best Global Brands Study.’

Carola currently serves on the Peggy Guggenheim Advisory Board and on the Acquisition Committee of Contemporary Art at the Centre Pompidou, as well as being a member of the Dean’s Leadership Council at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and the Advisory Council of the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell University. She is also a Trustee of the Jain Family Institute, which focuses on impacting complex societal structures (i.e. education finance/student debt crisis, guaranteed income, and digital ethics) by evaluating key contributing catalysts and launching high-impact pilot programs.