Carola Jain

Carola Jain is the Chief Brand Officer at Spartan, the global sporting events company that challenges over a million people annually to push their mental and physical limits by participating in 250 races across 40 different countries. In addition to heading marketing and brand strategy at Spartan, Carola is also leading the global launch of Spartan Women, a female focused platform connecting women all over the world by promoting camaraderie and empowerment through the community’s shared inspirations and experiences of overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

Prior to joining Spartan, Carola spent more than 16 years as Senior Director of Strategy and Analytics at Interbrand leading large B2B and B2C focused companies across brand strategy, analytics, brand architecture, and brand valuation engagements both in the New York as well as London office.

Carola serves on the Peggy Guggenheim Advisory Board and is Trustee of the Jain Family Institute, a social incubator that primarily focuses on impacting complex societal structures by evaluating key contributing catalysts and launching high impact pilot programs. She lives in New York City with her family.