Wannaporn Phornprapha MLA ’95

Wannaporn is the founder of P Landscape Company Limited (PLA), a landscape architecture and design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. PLA is specialized in high end resort, hotel and residential projects, both in Southeast Asian region and worldwide. Her work spans from the Fiji Islands, Asia Pacific, to London which ranges from condominiums, retail and public spaces to high-end private residences.

Prior to starting PLA, Wannaporn worked with honorable professor Decha Boonkam at DSB Associate and Belt Collins. For her education background, she earned a Master degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University and a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University.

Wannaporn’s design philosophy focuses on contemporary landscape architecture that harmonizes the practical integration of art, ecology, and cultural heritage to maintain and enhance the environment. She believes that landscape is an art that goes beyond the physical and functional aspects of a site. It is a medium which enables a connection between people and nature. These aspects are all reflected in her works and it is recognized by many leading hotel operators in the world as well as multiple awards PLA has received over the years.