6:30 pm - 9:00 pm (EDT)


  • superkul
  • 35 Golden Avenue
  • Toronto
  • Ontario

GSD alumni are invited to hear from Emily Waugh, founding principal of Survey Studio, on the 10 habits of effective communicators. As a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the GSD, Emily’s ongoing research involves the changing role of communication in the design fields. Some of her principles include clarity, authenticity, storytelling, and persuasion, and they have proven helpful to people of all stages of their careers, from intern to principal.

For more information contact Jennifer Esposito [email protected].

This event is hosted by Alumni Council member Meg Graham MDes ’03 in joint venture with Building Equality in Architecture Toronto (BEAT).

EM 2About the speaker: Emily Waugh is founding principal of Survey Studio, a multidisciplinary practice focused on the transformative power of narrative in design through writing, research, exhibition design, publications, and graphic communication. She has written and edited several publications including: Experimenting Landscapes, Testing the Limits of the Garden (Birkhauser, 2016), Recycling Spaces: Curating Urban Evolution. The Work of Martha Schwartz Partners (ORO Editions, 2012), GSD Platform 3 (Actar, 2010), Visionary Cities, with Winy Maas and Alexander Sverdlov (Rotterdam, NAi Publishers, 2009).

Emily holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

About BEAT: Building Equality in Architecture exists to initiate change, building momentum to create a shift in the profession. Not only for architects on an individual level, but as an instigator to raise the voice of the profession at large, integrating it into conversations about how our built environment can be shaped to be more beautiful, functional, and enhance the human experience. As a group dedicated to enabling great architects to do great work, we understand that each of us must contribute to our fullest. Design excellence, diversity, and equity are therefore not mutually exclusive. Click here to view BEAT’s webpage.

BEAT creates events and networking opportunities to promote the achievements and visibility of women and minorities within the profession. Our events are open to everyone and target all phases of an architect’s career. BEA is a national movement with chapters currently in Toronto, the Maritimes, Quebec, the Prairies, and Vancouver.