12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (EDT)


  • Gund Hall
  • 48 Quincy Street
  • Cambridge
  • MA

In celebration of R. Buckminster Fuller’s 120th anniversary (1895-2015), “Pattern Thinking” explores the relationship between artifacts and inventions in his work, and their legacy in contemporary practice. Fuller’s explorations into the physical “pattern” of Shelter, Structure, Cartography and even the Universe will be juxtaposed to his conceptual “thinking” of terms such as Dymaxion, Geodesic and Tensegrity as a way to argue for their irreducibility. Through the lens of Fuller’s transversal “pattern thinking”, a number of artifacts and inventions will be explored from their literal to their most conceptual manifestation: “Dymaxion” as a mathematical, projective, cartographic, and political model of efficiency; “Geodesic” as a formal, structural, environmental, and social model of shelter; “Tensegrity” as a structural, natural and universal model of order…

Daniel López-Pérez will present historical and contemporary documentation that traces Fuller’s trajectory of exploration spanning four decades, while Hanif Hanif will speak about their analysis (local and global, stick and surface, linear non-linear) and reflect upon Fuller’s legacy in contemporary projects and current design trends.

Note: This event takes place in Stubbins.

Free and open to the public.

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For accessibility accommodations, please contact the events office two weeks in advance.