All Day

Members of the Josep Lluís Sert Council and GSD alumni in Los Angeles are invited to hear from GSD faculty and students from the urban design studio Future of Streets and engage in a conversation about mobility in Los Angeles.

Led by Andres Sevtsuk, GSD Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, the Future of Streets studio will focus on the future of mobility in Los Angeles and the sites and neighborhoods that surround the Expo Line. The course will explore how the experience of urban travel is likely to change with the advent of automated, shared and electric vehicles, personal mobility devices, and package delivery systems. This event is an opportunity for our donors and alumni to connect with students, each other, and participate in a thought-provoking conversation around this topic.

Panel participants include:

Claire Bowin, Senior City Planner, City of Los Angeles
Marcel Porras, Chief Sustainability Officer, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Rachel Nguyen, Executive Director, Renault Nissan Future Lab
Ryan J. Westrom, Greenfield Labs, Ford Motor Company

This event is for members of the Josep Lluís Sert Council and local GSD alumni. If you are interested in attending, please contact Courtney Ward at [email protected].