Policy of Harvard University Graduate School of Design Alumni Council

Policy Nine
Community Values Statement

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design Alumni Council does hereby establish a Policy, Number Nine, as follows:

All Alumni Council members shall ascribe to and adhere to the Community Values Statement, which states:
The Alumni Council is the primary representative body of the Graduate School of Design alumni community. The fundamental goal of the Council is to promote the engagement of the alumni community and the advancement of the GSD in Cambridge and across the world. Council membership represents decades of experience and spans a wide array of fields, demographics, and regions. These distinguished members are highly engaged in not only the design issues of the day but also civic, professional, governmental, and business affairs within their communities. Council members, through programming and events, work to engage and connect the GSD’s alumni and current students.

All members of the Council serve as ambassadors representing the GSD. As such, in all activities, Council members owe to the entire GSD community and to one another to learn, model, and uphold fundamental values that foster and demonstrate the highest standards with respect to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

These include:

  • Treatment of others with empathy and respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of all.
  • Honesty and integrity in all dealings.
  • Freedom from discrimination and harassment.
  • Collective and personal accountability for actions and conduct in the alumni community.

Our commitment to these values is demonstrated through our showing of regard for and civility toward others through behaviors and interactions among the Council, our ambassadorship to the alumni community, a sustained and intentional support of the student body, faculty, and staff, and contribution to the culture of the GSD. To embrace these values as the Alumni Council we affirm our commitment to equity, diversity, establish a foundation of inclusion in our actions and programs, and advocate for an alumni community that embodies mutual respect and responsibility.