GSD alumni volunteers led the way in building community in their region by hosting local events in Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, and Cambridge.

In Philadelphia, GSD Alumni Council member Nathaniel Quincy Belcher MArch ’92, David Chen MArch ’99, MAUD ’99, and Andrew Phillips MArch ’93, hosted a networking breakfast at the Charter High School for Architecture + Design (CHAD) where guests learned about the unique institution and previewed an exhibit of student design work. In Denver, Allyson Mendenhall MLA ’99, also of the Alumni Council, Anna Cawrse MLA ’12, and Jeff Lakey MLA ’86 organized a site tour and discussion of the mixed-use community TAXI, followed by an outdoor screening of the award-winning film Watermark.

David Buckley Borden MLA ’11, Birgit Wurster MArch ’10, Caroline Johns MUP ’11, and Nina Chase MLA ’12 also got involved when they presented a GSD Recent Grads Night at the Boston Innovation and Design Building. Guest speaker Dan Borelli MDesS ’12, GSD’s Director of Exhibitions, talked to the group about his experience translating various media and content into a fixed visual space, before the viewing of Borden’s Hibernaculum, an immersive exhibition which celebrates collaborative arts and design inspired by nature.

Across the river in Cambridge, AMDP alumni returned to the GSD to reconnect with fellow alumni and build connections with current AMDP students over two days of programming, content, and social activities. This annual alumni program was developed by a committee of AMDP alumni focused on highlighting projects and experiences of fellow alumni. The program kept attendees active and engaged with a tour of The Vanguard at Waterfront Square in Revere, a luxury residential project by Marc Goldstein AMDP ’13 and John Porta AMDP ’06, a reception and dinner at the Harvard Club of Boston, and an all-day conference including faculty lectures and a panel discussion of alumni projects ranging from new approaches to residential eldercare to a Napa Valley winery.

Philly-breakfast_1 Philly-breakfast_2 Philly-breakfast_3 RG-Night-1 RG-Night-2 RG-Night-3 RG-Night-4 Denver-2 Denver-1 Denver-3 Denver-4 AMDP-Reunion_group-shot AMDP-Reunion_raise-glass AMDP-Reunion_pose AMDP-Reunion_reception
Alumni walk around the TAXI campus, a former industrial site that was transformed to house a number of full-time residents and over 80 creative businesses. Today, the campus features six buildings and amenities, including a fitness center, cafe, coffee shop, salon, early childhood education center, outdoor cinema, one-of-a kind pool and community garden.

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