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Annual giving helps ensure the continued impact of the GSD on those invested in the future of design, from our current and prospective students to the communities we work alongside. With various funds and giving opportunities to choose from, annual giving is the easiest way to support the next generation of GSD designers and planners.

We’re excited to share with you stories of students, projects, and studios—all of which have been made possible, in part, by the generosity of our alumni and friends. To review the complete 2024 GSD Annual Giving opportunities brochure, click the image below:

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GSD Fund for Financial Aid

Hailing from across the US and 67 different countries around the world, the current GSD student body comprises a multiplicity of perspectives and backgrounds vital to maintaining the institution’s position as a leading center for design. The GSD Fund for Financial Aid directly supports students by alleviating some of the financial burden of attending graduate school, ensuring that the best and brightest minds around the world have access to a GSD education.

Read more about financial aid at the GSD and the difference it has made for Maya Adachi MArch I ’25 here.

REA Fund

The Racial Equity and Anti-Racism (REA) Fund at the GSD supports select initiatives surrounding matters of racial equity, ranging from pilot projects and exhibitions to speaker series and symposia. The fund provides essential support to help share historically underrepresented perspectives by bringing new student-and-faculty-led initiatives to life.

Read more about the REA Fund and the support it provided for the launch of the Urban Planning and Design (UPD) Site Visits here.

Design Studio Fund

Option studios offer students the opportunity to become active participants in analyzing today’s real-world design challenges by engaging deeply with communities in different locations around the globe. The Design Studio Fund supports the reach and accessibility of GSD option studios, covering a range of associated costs to further the legacy of these courses.

Read more about the impact of the recent option studio “Designing the Conditions: Cooperative Housing in America” here.

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