Ron Druker LF '76 On March 1, 2013, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Druker Traveling Fellowship with an exhibition and symposium that gathered many of its past recipients. The Fellowship was established through the generosity of Ronald M. Druker LF ’76 and the Trustees of the Bertram A. Druker Charitable Foundation. This gift is a result of Mr. Druker’s affinity for the GSD, his eight-year teaching career and his Loeb experience. The Fellowship is awarded annually for students to carry out comprehensive research-based travel throughout the world. Recipients are leaders in the design of urban environments and are expected to share their experiences with the GSD community through a lecture or symposium. The goal of this endowed fellowship “is made with the intention of creating urban environments that are practical and imaginative responses to the broad spectrum of physical, political, financial and aesthetic concerns of society.” The GSD played a very important role in my life, both through my initial involvement as a Loeb Fellow and then eight years on the urban design faculty. I learned a significant amount during my time as a Loeb and through my colleagues and students, many of whom are st ill friends today. The Druker Fellowship was born out of my interest in travel. I gained insight from visiting the rest of the world, and I wanted to share that opportunity with students. The 25th anniversary celebration was gratifying because I was able to see the Fellows again, to hear of their experiences since the fellowship, and to understand what it meant to them both personally and professionally. It’s a privilege for me to know them and to see how they have benefited.”