From their new home base in Mexico City, Rodman Primack and Rudy Weissenberg MDes ’18 find inspiration in the country’s flourishing design scene.

For 20 years, almost as long as they’ve been a couple, Rodman Primack and Rudy Weissenberg told friends they were thinking of moving to Mexico. They often traveled there, Primack in his role as an auction-house executive and later creative director of the Design Miami fairs, Weissenberg as a television producer, and both fell hard for its relaxed pace and cultural éclat. They built a circle of friends. They started buying from the local art galleries. Still, when they unpacked their boxes in Mexico City this past spring, “everyone was like, ‘WHAT?!?’ ” Weissenberg says. “We discovered there’s a difference between saying you’re moving to Mexico and moving to Mexico.”

They haven’t looked back. The idea, incubated for so long that it slowly evolved with them, was that Mexico City would be a new home base—while they still retained a foothold in New York City—that would give Primack additional headquarters for his thriving interior design–and–fabric business, RP Miller (he took a step back from the fair world in 2019), and give Weissenberg a vantage from which to launch new ventures in enlightened real estate development. “What do you add to New York City nowadays in the design space?” he asks. “Mexico is a place where you can still add something to the story, where you can have an impact.”