A new book by Andrew Pressman MDes ’94 offers a practical guide to using design thinking in everyday life, whether you work in a creative field or not. Published by Routledge, Design Thinking: A Guide to Creative Problem Solving for Everyone seeks to “assist in addressing a full spectrum of challenges from the most vexing to the everyday. It renders accessible the creative problem-solving abilities that we all possess by providing a dynamic framework and practical tools for thinking imaginatively and critically. Every aspect of design thinking is explained and analyzed together with insights on navigating through the process.”

“Andrew Pressman’s exemplary new book is an accessible, readable, and eminently usable introduction to design thinking. The book encourages individual experimentation and flexibility, empowering readers to make the design thinking process their own,” says Marilys R. Nepomechie, FAIA, ACSA Distinguished Professor, Florida International University.

Pressman is an architect, Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland. He also leads his own award-winning architectural firm in Washington, DC.

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