Gandong Cai MLA ’17 fourth semester’s studio project was selected as one of the final four shortlisted projects in WLA student award and published in the WLA Award Magazine. Cai was one of seven students who selected to take part in Professor Martha Schwartz’s studio in the fourth semester which focused on shifting the global warming trend by rethinking the process of sequestration. The 2018 World Landscape Awards attracted entries from around the world and once again the quality of the entries was high and made it hard for the jury to score. The WLA Awards include five categories (Built – Large, Built – Small, Conceptual, Student and Editor’s Award).

As Cai says, “For the final site design, I chose the greenway park on the top of the Big Dig, and imagined it to be the new waterfront of Boston in 2060, based on the estimation of sea level rise. According to the data, the harbor area of the city will be entirely inundated underwater in the next 50 years, and the greenway park will become the new waterfront. Thus, the park needs to be transformed into a vital landscape infrastructure to project the city and people, and also serve as the new harbor to keep the logistics industry of the city.”

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