Gil Prado AMDP ’15
, Executive Director of the Boulevard CID in Atlanta, is working to restore the Gateway sculpture, created by world-renowned American artist Peter Forakis in 1967 as part of a master-planned industrial park in Atlanta, GA. The piece is one of the largest examples of modern geometric sculpture in the world measuring 180’ X 90’ X 90’. The project includes structural repairs and repainting its original sunrise red color.

When first opened in 1967, Angus Gilchrist, the developer of Atlanta Gateway Industrial Park, had 30 sculptures installed, lining the streets of the park, which at the time was considered the largest public collection of monumental contemporary sculptures in the world. The developer enlisted the help of Douglas MacAgy, Associate Director of the NEA to select the sculptures. The name of the artists selected for the project read like the who’s who of the 1960s, including: Isaac Witkin, Theodor Chattham, Robert Murray, David Hall, Anthony Magar, Lyman Kipp, Forrest Myers, Tal Streeter, Beverly Peppers, Kenneth Snelson, Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt, Kenneth Snelson, Mon Levinson, Will Inley, and Dorothy Berge.

Unfortunately today, with the exception of the Gateway sculpture, none of the other pieces remain in the industrial park. “Part of the restoration project include researching and identifying these missing pieces. Thus far we have been able to identify and locate 17 of the 30. Some pieces were transferred to Fulton County facilities, some were sold to private collections and museums while others are missing or their location is unknown at this time.”

Prado is working to identify all pieces and to put together an art exhibit as well as to recreate the original sculpture collection, virtually, utilizing Google maps. He also hopes to create a program to make available grants for artists to bring public arts back into the district in the near future.

May 2015