Christopher Procter MAUD ’92 passed away on November 18th, 2018. He is survived by Bridget and his two sons, Lucien and Sebastien. Christopher’s wife, Bridget Smyth MDes ’93, is the Design Director of Sydney and a former member of the Alumni Council. Christopher Procter graduated from the GSD to then study at the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Architecture degree, before going on to practice in Sydney, Boston, Oman, Christchurch, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

“The study of architecture opened Christopher’s eyes to expressive possibilities. Many were envious of the fluidity and ease his project work exuded. Architecture proved the perfect fit for him. It provided sustenance for his intellectual and creative appetites and allowed him to exercise them in a realm that he negotiated with great ease – that of fellowship with other beings. His sharp intellect, great wit, and warm heart was appreciated by all; his family, friends, clients, colleagues and the young architects he mentored.” To read more from the remembrance written by Vasilios (Bill) Tsakalos MAUD 89, please click here.

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