Cultured Magazine named Kate Orff MLA ’97 and Martha Schwartz GSD ’77 to their list of Landscape Living Legends.

  • Kate Orff is the Founding Principal of SCAPE. She focuses on retooling the practice of landscape architecture relative to the uncertainty of climate change and creating spaces to foster social life, which she has explored through publications, activism, research, and projects.
  • Martha Schwartz is Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture at the GSD. For more than 40 years, she and the firm, Martha Schwartz Partners, have completed projects around the globe, from site-specific art installations to public spaces, parks, master-planning and reclamation.

According to Cultured: “In recent decades, landscape architects and designers have played an increasingly significant role in shaping our communities and developing urban spaces that are more hospitable to pedestrians, bicyclists, pet owners and people who want to gather or just need some fresh air. But these professionals generally remain less lauded than the high-profile architects who design our buildings. While perhaps they’ve yet to achieve starchitect status, we believe these five designers—all of whom think deeply about our relationship with the natural world—deserve a prominent place in any good design pantheon.”

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Image below: In Chongqing, China, the 2019 hot pot master garden at the upper Yangtze River City flower art expo was designed by Martha Schwartz Partners.