Kwong Von Glinow Design Office, the firm founded by Lap Chi Kwong MArch ’13 and Alison Von Glinow MArch ’13, has been awarded the 2016 Chicago Prize by the Chicago Architectural Club. This year’s competition asked designers to reimagine a site of approximately 18 miles along Chicago’s Lakefront. Kwong Von Glinow Design Office’s proposal, Grand Lattices, transforms Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive by providing pedestrian access to multi-level viewing decks situated at strategic points along the highway’s median. Accessible through underpasses currently designed to move people quickly under the roadway, the steel structures invite pedestrians to pause on their way to the waterfront to take in views of the city, the lake, and the famous highway from a new perspective. The open-lattice design of each viewing deck mimics the city’s iconic post-and-beam construction style.

“Lake Shore Drive is no longer a driving-only experience,” states the project description. “For the pedestrian, it becomes a gateway to access the waterfront, see the city, and admire the Lake.”

Images courtesy of Kwong Von Glinow Design Office.

Underpass - Kwong Von Glinow Design Office

KLSD View - Kwong Von Glinow Design Office