A project by Maria A. Villalobos H. MDes ’04 and Carla Urbina of Botanical City, along with key advisors David Gouverneur Malakoff MAUD ’80, Lourdes Peñaranda, and Francois Galletti, has won a National Architecture Award in Venezuela. Entitled “Botanical Urban Landscapes: Lessons from Roberto Burle Marx’s Botanical Garden in Maracaibo, Venezuela,” the project won in the Heritage Restoration Category, as well as the main National Award.

The XII National Biennial of Architecture marks a new milestone in the history of the Venezuelan Biennials, which begun in 1963 and has recognized the work of great architects and teams including: Carlos Raúl Villanueva, Tomás José Sanabria, Jesús Tenreiro, Universities, Tomás Lugo. This year for the first time, the National Prize is awarded to a Landscape Architecture Project and Restoration Work. It is also the first time that women are recognized.

Images courtsey of Maria A. Villalobos H. MDes ’04 and Carla Urbina.
Botanical City