Research and design work led by Wendy W Fok DDes ’17, founder and creative director of WE-DESIGNS, LLC., is currently part of the collateral exhibitions at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, as part of the 2018 Venice Biennale. The project, Bio Data x Matter, consists of design objects created through digital fabrication methods using bio-degradable materials and organic matter sourced from New York City. Each object is “carefully curated with active biomatter embedded with data that represents New York City, to critically provoke a dialogue between the microscopic biological and digital data embedded lives we live in,” according to the project brief.

“In the future of urban living, as citizens of global cities, and the circular economy, we often-overlook the sources of the micro-biotic and digitally data embedded lives we live in. The future of cities is now; and the people powering that future live and work in cities, bringing their energy and ideas to bear on the unique challenges and opportunities of urban life.”

Bio Data x Matter is on view at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy, through November 25, 2018. A book on the project is in the works, with a tentative release date of summer 2019.

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Image courtesy of WE-DESIGNS, LLC.